Date of BirthJune 17, 1916
BirthplaceKasaoka City, Okayama
Residence913-34 Itsukaichi, Kurashiki City
Tokyo3-43-5 Nishihara Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Office7-4-101 Saiwaicho Kurashiki City
SpouseKato Mutsuko
Person Most AdmiredJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy
Favorite Proverbsq•Good things come to those who waitq–
q•Share and share alikeq–
Books AuthoredThe Soldier's Cup
Tax Reform
Hopes and Fears of Eastern Europe
HobbiesReading, Visiting museums


1947Graduated from Kyoto University (Formerly Himeji School of Higher Education)
1958Secretary to Lower House Memberq_Hoshijima Jiro
1967First elected to Lower House (currently serving 11th term)
1972Vice-Pariamentary Minister, Ministry of Transportation
1978Chairman, Lower House Committee on Finance
1983Minister of the Interior , Chairman of Land Planning Agency, Hokkaido Development Agencyq‰Nakasone CabinetqŠ
1984Chairman, Tax Research Councilq‰3 consecutive termsqŠ
1987Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheriesq‰3rd Nakasone CabinetqŠ
1990Policy Affairs Research Chairmanq‰2 consecutive termsqŠ
1993Left LDP, participated in formation of Hosokawa Cabinet
1994/04Joined Shinseito
1994/04Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheriesq‰Hata CabinetqŠ
1994/12Joined in the Formation of New Frontier Party
1998/01Joined in the LIBERAL PARTY